Egypt's Mohamed Nasr at the World Championships, Southwick

Golf Croquet Coaching

Beginners usually start by playing Golf Croquet. Coaching is available for free to all members.

Competitive Play

Most newcomers can expect to play an active part in a game very quickly, so tournaments and competitions play a big part in club life, for those who want them. Outside the club, there's a regional league between clubs in the North West, as well as many regional and national tournaments and championships.

Visiting Groups

Because it's quick to learn, Golf Croquet is ideal for visiting groups, looking for activities for their members. If you're a club or a business looking for a social day, look at the Visitors section of the site for more details.


A Guide to Golf Croquet


Golf Croquet was invented as a quicker version of the game, allowing beginners to play competitively, without having to master some of the more complex strokes of Association Croquet.

It was played by British servicemen stationed in Egypt during the country's period of occupation. By the 1980s, Golf Croquet had evolved to become the national game of Egypt. Tournaments are televised, and the game is dominated by hard hitters, scoring hoops from long distances and seemingly impossible angles.


The game is played with four balls, Blue and Black versus Red and Yellow. Unlike Association Croquet, each turn consists of just one shot, and play is strictly in sequence: Blue, then Red, then Black, Yellow and Blue again.

All four balls attempt to get through Hoop 1. As soon as one ball is successful, that side scores a point, and attention passes to the next hoop in the sequence. The first side to seven points is the winner.

Hitting the opponent out of position is legal. Players will often clear an opponent's ball 30 yards, in the hope of keeping it out of range. Tactical complexity arises out of blocking shots, and putting the other players out of position, while putting your partner into a better scoring opportunity.