Non-croquet players are often a bit cautious about trying a new sport. Throughout the summer, we hold a number of "Come and Try It" weekends, where visitors can come along, have a go, and see what goes on at the club.

If you want to learn more, we run a series of coaching lessons, led by our club chairman and founder, James Hawkins, who is one of the country's top coaches. Coaching and equipment are available for free to all members.

"Come and Try It" days are planned on several weekends during the season. They'll start in April, and specific dates will be published here when they're finalised.

Use our Contact Form to ask for more details, or to arrange a visit on any other day.

But, if you can't wait, just pop down to Sefton Park for a chat.

Social Croquet

Croquet's a very sociable game, and the club has a very active social side. We share clubhouse facilities with the Mersey Bowmen - the world's second oldest lawn tennis club - and all members of Liverpool Croquet Club are automatically registered as social members of the Bowmen.

Players are free to come for a game at any time of the week, but weekends are our most popular time. Every Saturday afternoon during the season members are invited to come along for afternoon tea, cakes, a chat, and a game or two of croquet.

Don't worry if you've not tried croquet before. Even an absolute beginner can be playing within a few minutes. You should find it easy to master some of the skills of Golf Croquet, and you can be up and running very quickly. We provide all the equipment you'll need, so please get in touch and we can arrange a time when there's someone around to show you what to do. There's no charge for a taster session, so come along and see if croquet is the game for you.

The ideal time for having a go is on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  There should be someone around between 2pm and 5pm.  If that's not easy for you, contact us and we can sort out an evening or a daytime get-together.

High-heeled shoes can damage grass, so bring some flat-soled shoes, such as trainers. There's no need for any other special clothing, and there are no fashion restrictions for normal club play; but ladies may find trousers more comfortable to play in than tight-fitting skirts.

Our head coach, James Hawkins, has led players from novice up to national level. He trains coaches for the Croquet Association and is the author of Complete Croquet, one of the definitive books on how to play. He can help you get the most out of the game, no matter what your current level of experience is.

If you have competitive ambitions, or you've played before, you may choose to advance directly from Golf Croquet to Association Croquet. The club is a member of the Croquet Association and the North West Federation of Croquet Clubs, and you'll be able to play team matches against other clubs throughout the region, as well as tournaments around the country.

Whether you're already serious about swinging a mallet or just want to have a chat, send us a message, or wander along to the club. We're in Sefton Park in Aigburth, and we're around throughout the summer, from late March until October.

Because croquet doesn't require great strength or speed, it's suitable for people with mobility difficulties.  Under the game's handicapping system, extra turns are awarded to allow for differences in skill levels.  This allows a tactically astute player to play on equal terms with anyone, no matter what their physical ability.

The club has a policy of proactive development, to try to appeal to players who have difficulty in participating in other sports.  If you're interested in getting more information we'd love to hear from you.

Fancy an evening out doing something a bit different?

Bring your friends, family or colleagues, and we can give you all the equipment you'll need, to we'll show you how to play Golf Croquet in just a few minutes.

And when you've had enough, the club has a licensed bar, or you can make your way to Lark Lane whose restaurants and bars are just a couple of minutes' walk away.

The club is keen to foster relationships with local schools, and can accommodate children from the age of about 13 upwards. From the start of the 2012 season, we're trialling an ongoing programme with Liverpool College, with a group of pupils coming for regular sessions.

The plan is to introduce the students to Golf Croquet, the basics of which can be picked up quite quickly. For those who wish to explore the game further, we intend to arrange further sessions outside school hours.

Croquet involves lightness of touch, accuracy and tactics, rather than strength and reflexes.  This makes it suitable for many children who don't feel engaged with more mainstream sports on offer.