Welcome to the Members Only section of the site.

The playing season

The playing season runs from around the last weekend of March (weather permitting), when the clocks go forward, to the start of October, in the depressing, cold, wet and horrible fortnight before the clocks go back.  Members have full access to the lawns and all equipment throughout the year, and it may be possible to sneak a few games in during the winter if the grass maintenance programme allows.

There are no restrictions to playing times.  Once you've got a key to the clubhouse, you can come down at dawn on a Tuesday or 3am on a Saturday night.  There are no neighbours to complain about our rowdy hoop celebrations, so play as much as you like, whenever you like.

Fees for 2017

First year membership is just £50 a year.  It's halfway through the season, so join now and you'll get the rest of 2017 plus all of 2018 thrown in for free.

No matter what your experience, you'll probably benefit from a bit of tuition. That's all free to members, courtesy of James, our top international-level coaching expert.

All the equipment you'll need is provided, and you're welcome to pop down whenever you like, to arrange your own games with other members. You'll also get access to any tournaments organised in the club or elsewhere throughout the North West and the rest of the country.  What's more, you can have your own password to the members' section of this site.